A passing through Garabandal (Personal Testimony)

(Translated by:  Caro Ham)

I new about Virgin Mary appearances in Garabandal in 1979 through Augusta, my friend´s grandmother.  I was at the supermarket, near my house, when I met Augusta by chance. After greeting each other, she started talking to me about things that happened at that little town in the north of Spain , Garabandal.

I used to go frequently to my friends´ house, the Thierry´s house, that is why I had the opportunity to talk a lot with Augusta , his grandmother. She had a lot of information about Garabandal because she had been there many times before.Every time we talked, I was moved by something new. Since then, I started feeling that deep desire of being able to visit Garabandal some day.  

I could finally make my wish come true in  Octuber 1986. I saved enough money to travel around Europe with two other friends of mine.


                                                      With Augusta Bousquet and her sister Maria Luz - October 1986 -  

I left Argentina 15 days before my friends did as I wanted to visit Garabandal, then I would pick up my friends in Madrid to start our journey around Europe . I arrived at Paris and I stay there for a few days.  I rented a car and drove up to Toulouse where grandmother Augusta was waiting for me, she had been living there for a while. I spent the night there and the following day we woke up very early in the morning to embark our trip to the north of Spain , with a stop at Lourdes ( France ). It was a long trip, but we were so happy about the idea of being in Garabandal, that we did not pay attention to our tiredness.  

We arrived at 11pm. I was really exhausted, the only thing I wanted at that moment was to lay down in my bed and sleep. We spent the night at  Maximina González house (sighted Conchita´s aunt) who was waiting for us. I remember that the bedroom was very simple but at the same time very special, as she told me that there, in that room, sighted persons had been in ecstasy. I fall asleep feeling a special peace in my heart.  

I woke up the following morning, and I saw the incredible geography of that  town, it was surrounded by mountains, I was amazed with it at first glance!.

After breakfast, I took a walk around the village. I walked towards “Pine Zone”. Once there, I pray for the first time and continue walking. Every time I turned around I was fascinated with the different views of the town.

While I was walking, I met a shepherd who was walking down the mountains with his sheep. We both stopped and had a short chat, he asked me where I was coming from and I answered from Argentina . He didn´t know where it was so I explained him it was in the southeast part of America , then he exclaimed: “you may have a lot of faith to come from so far away”.



                                                                    With Deli and Jaime Bertrand and Juan - December 1986 -

He seemed to have some free time so we continue talking. I told him that I wanted to know as much as possible about the “Virgen Appearances”. He resume the story of “Virgen Appearances” and how this affected this little town. The town was divided into two: those who believe in the appearances and those who didn´t . The last ones, didn´t  believe due to “a great miracle” that they were waiting for but never happened till that moment. At the very beginning it was difficult for me to understand those who didn´t believe because for me the “great miracle” could happen in a further future, but nowadays, I understand what they were feeling in those days…. 20 years passed by since I visited Garabandal for the first time and after reading a lot and gathering together information about Garabandal, I can say that I´m looking forward for the day of the long-awaited miracle to happen.  

I stayed for 1 week at Garabandal. During my stay, I met a lot of people who lived there and who had passed through different  “Appearence experiences” that they would clearly transmit. Testimonies were really extraordinary, they talk about them so sincerely, in a very simple way but always devoutly when naming “The Virgin”. I  didn´t have the opportunity of meeting the 4 sighted people as they were not living at the town by that moment but I had the  Grace of meeting Jaime Bertrand y his wife who immediately opened the door of their house to me and share a lot of great moments which I will never forget. Jaime´s house was a kind of meeting point center of many people who lived there. There I met Pepe Diez, he was beside Conchita during the “Host Miracle”, and retold to me this experience in a very detailed way.

Jaime, who was blind, had such a  spiritual faith… a life of contemplation, he would pray for everybody, he would say the rosary for everybody. I really share a lot of self experiences with him, we became close friends.


                                                                      In the pines - October 1986 -

When I finally said goodbye to Garabandal, thinking when it might be the next time that I had the chance to be there, we were both, Jaime and myself, crying.  I was feeling sad because, very deep in my heart, I thought that many years would passed by before I had the opportunity to visit them again, financially it was going to be hard.

In spite of being a long time since we last had contact , I also want to name Rafael Jardon who I had the chance to meet there and lived incredible experiences together with him. I remember that we were sitting near the pines together with Rafael, Augusta, Sister Solina and Maria Luz… and Rafael said “So??? When is the Miracle going to Happen?? When is that day coming ???”

 Those days I felt like one of them in the town, like a Garabandal habitant, I felt as if I was born there and my desire was to die there.

 Finally, the day arrived and I left Garabandal, I had to meet my two other friends in Madrid , with whom we planned our trip around Europe . I remember that in that trip, from Garabandal to Madrid , I felt like a “Marcian” who was coming from another planet and that the only place that would made me feel comfortable was my “Garabandal Planet.

When I met my friends, we had dinner together and I shared with them my experience in Garabandal. I tried to convince them with the idea of visiting the three of us Garabandal but they were amazed with Madrid and with the idea of traveling around Europe, so there started our journey, but my head and feelings were still in that little town at the north of Spain…Garabandal!!!  

I really enjoy that trip with my friends, we travel almost 9.000 Km .

All the time I was thinking what could I do to get back to Garabandal?. Financially it was very difficult because we travel with a certain amount of money, enough for the days we planned to stay.  On top of this financial issue, I had to be back to Buenos Aires for my sister in law wedding.

But the hope of visiting once more Garabandal before flying back to Buenos Aires was there…you never know…I saved as much money as I could (many times I waited outside of the museums for my friends, I didn’t have lunch in other opportunities, etc). At the end of the trip, I got enough money but I didn´t have time…and time would not depend on me. A few days before flying back to Buenos Aires , something happened… sister in law grandmother died and the wedding was postponed, so I went back to Garabandal!!!


                                                         Garabandal 1986

I was so happy. I was Providential, I had the money and I also had the time!

I sent a message to Jaime (in those days there were only one telephone  for the whole town). Jaime and Deli kindly and very generous received me one more time at their home. That stay was as marvelous as the previous one.  

When I finally got back to Buenos Aires , I shut away in my bedroom for almost 24 hours. I could only think about Garabandal.

I remember that my parents came to my bedroom many times to wake me up o visited me and I simulated to be sleeping, so then I heard them saying: “He is exhausted after such a long trip”.

Truly, I had a pressing need of being alone and quiet in the privacy of my bedroom, with that Spiritual feeling that Garabandal made me feel in a very special way. I repeated: that is my little town!!

Nowadays, after many years passed by, I admit that my experience at Garabandal was unique and definitely deeply marked my Herat, that´s why in spite of my constant coming and goings in my life and as I receive strength from “The Mother”, I try to widespread Garabandal.


   Santiago Lanús  - November 2007 -

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